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Years of experience, combine with top quality equipment & chemicals provide an unmatched product. Licensed & Insured 

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Rover's is ready to go where ever the mess maybe. Built on a flatbed, we carry Water, Electric, Compressed air, and the whole arsenal of Professional Grade Chemicals. Anytime, Anywhere.

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Hot Water Extractors, Hot Water Pressure Washers, Compressed  Air Tools, Then combine that with extensive knowledge of a vast array of professional Detailing  products & Cleaning Chemicals.

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What's important to you, We would love to know.


"I had them come out to clean the interior of mine and my husband's cars. Mine was....bad (mom life, working life, student life lol). The inside of my car looks dang near new now. 10/10 would recommend!"

Sarah Kaileen Hinojosa

Shout out to Rover's Pro Clean. Did a great job on cleaning our shed and porch. Highly recommend!

Michael Ward

Reliable and welcoming. Shows up weekly to clean our gravel trucks with a go-getter attitude.

Lone Star